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It's so good when someone gets rid of a class for the afternoon and now has compete time and rest whenever they want to.

But that all depends on how good the day is and it went well time the afternoon.
Again the memories just do not want to stop flowing through my head.
Thats how my day completely downhill. I will do two entries one for a music and this one to express myself.

I know the person will never read this since they do not know I'm talking about them.
Here it goes.....

Again I want to be back into your arms my love,
into your arms that kept me alive and safe.
I want to go back the way things were before,
but that won't happen in a million years.
You told me I was different from others,
but tell me is it a lie?

Please let me know that I was the only one different from the others.
I want to be your only one in your mind again.
I want you to touch me again and tell me that you love me.
I know You told me to be strong when you left my side,
But that impossible since you left me in pieces.
My life is not the same without.
I became disfunctional when you left my side.
All i'm asking is where did it go all wrong.
You said that we will be together forever through the good and bad time,
but yet again that was a lie, wasn't it?
How much more you want me to suffer?
How much more do I have to wait?
But you know as much as you broke and hurt me I still love you.
I have never met a person like you in my life and I know I will never will again.
Since you said I was different from others you've met,
let it be true.
Never forget me my love,
remember the memories we built,
and remember I will always be there for you even if don't see each other.
So I'll let it be a dream that one day we will be together once more,
and knowing we will meet again for sure our love will become stronger than before.
because one thing is for sure I'll be standing here still. 


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Nov. 6th, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
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