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well ima make a story as of now and see what comes out. ima throw any thing write now
so you can comment but dont critize it so much okay. well as you guys know i have a problem
which involves depression and that's not good but hey I'm away from home as of now
and it really open my eyes up. Why have happiness if the pain and suffering will be there! right?
well that's my answer and now I'm pushing all that away so that I'm not in pain anymore. but anyways here it goes......

"bachan!  bachan! Doko ni iru ka!" {1} the little boy no older than five started to rub his eyes and sniffled. "I am not going to cry I am a big boy!"
the little bot kept repeating it in his little head until he no longer couldn't hold his tears. "bachan!" the little boy wailed and wailed, when a hand suddenly tap his head. He rubbed his blurry vision and saw his grandma.
"Koko ni watashi wa gozen. Akio" the delicate face of a eighty year smiled at his grandson, reassuring that she won't leave him alone.
besides the little boy had no other family but his grandma.
Akio face brighten up and grabbed his grandmother's hand and started to pull her to the destination he wanted to go.
"come on grandma! i want to show you you what i found!"
"not so fast Akio you know that grandma is getting old."
the little then stopped feeling ashamed that he was pushing his grandma.
"gomen bachan."
"Anata no yurushi."{3}
Akio again grabbed his grandma hand and begin to walk where he intended to show her. at last he finally spotted over the horizon and pointed out at the scenery.
"Grandma look what i found!"
the old lady's eyes widen at the beautiful scenery in front. never in her life she seen such beauty. the grass was greener than she ever seen before. exotic flowers were growing every where. a waterfall not too far off was seen with its beautiful majestic water so blue that it looked like no one has stepped into this area before. Even the animals weren't afraid of them! rabbits slowly bouncing there way to their grandson while he too was going slowly to touch the bunny.
"how did you find this Akio?"
Akio stopped what he was doing and looked at his grandmother's eyes and there full of happiness. which made him smile more! *at least my bachan his happy. if she is happy then i am too* he got this cocky smile and rubbed his nose with his fingertip.
"I was just walking and i found it. do you like it bachan?"
"Do i like it! I love it Akio. Oh my. i have never seen anything like it before."
for the rest of the day Akio and his grandma spent there enjoying the nature and when it was time to go his grandma spoke to him with wisdom words.
"Akio thank you for bringing me here to see something so beautiful I've never going to see again. But listen to me when the time is right
you my Akio bring someone so dear you think will change you in your life. Not just any women but someone who made go through stuff you never went through before. i may not be there for you forever but remember this I'll always be in your heart."
the little looked up at her confused more than ever she seen him before and started to laugh at her grandson.
"oh Akio you'll understand some day."
Akio dismissed whatever his grandma said because he knows that grandma will stay with him forever but he was very wrong.
The very next day his grandma became ill and each he stayed beside her until that very unfaithful day where she was gone for good.

thirteen years later..................................................................................................................................................................

everything change from that little village. it was no longer a village but a small town where people still knew each other and was very friendly.
But somewhere in small town there was trouble always brewing. somewhere in a dark alley not far off from Seiko high school. A kid no older than sixteen was held up by two other people and he was begging to let him go. Until a person's footsteps was heard all of them look at no other than Akio was dressed in the high school uniform with the exception of messy and crinkled up. His dark eyes and dark hair gave him a frighten look. with his body so build yet thin at the same time.  he has grown into the young man that his grandma did not raise but the streets. Akio was known here as the street dealer. no one messes with him not even the teachers of his school dared to fail him.
He was the bully of the town and he was respected among those who also grew up in the streets.
"Give me everything that is valuable and my weasels here could let you go."

1.grandma grandma where are you
2. here i am
3. your forgiven

How is that? should i continue it?



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